Our Church Art - Our Sculptures

Our most prominent sculpture is the huge statue of Jesus Christ in our front window, inviting all to “Come, Follow Me”.

This statue was created in 1975 during the construction of our new Sanctuary. It originally was to be surrounded by a large pool of water, symbolizing baptism, but that soon proved impractical. The statue of Christ today stands on a raised stage area on a podium so that it is visible to all who pass by in our busy commericial neighborhood.

We are currently reseaching to find who the artist is. It was created from a special mold in Miami, Florida and is probably concrete. It was shipped to us in a large crate, and installed before the front windows were in place. It is probably the largest statue of Christ in Pinellas County, and a smaller version is said to exist at the Roman Catholic catherdral St. Judes.

The largest scuplture inside the Sanctuary is the large Cross that hangs behind our altar. This cross was also designed in  1975 for our new Sanctuary, and is hung in front of a flagstone facade that also includes a drip fountain with water running down the stonework. The cross is formed from copper and other metals. It was donated by Marian Stiner, a now deceased member of the church choir.

Choir Loft Cross – Our other Large Cross once hung over the altar of our original Sanctuary and is now visible in the rear of the Choir Loft where is can be seen from the nave of the church. It is a simple wooden cross, with a red center, which represents the suffering of Christ. It also has interesting Symbols of the four Gospellers attached to each of the four ends of the crossed bars. The picture visible in this photo is of St. John, the “Eagle of Patmos”. We are going to research the origins of this cross and post more information in the near future. We are hoping to get better photos of the Gospellers soon also.

Christ Lutheran Church also has a large collection of Crucifixes, with a wide variety of designs, both ancient and modern, reflecting various Christian cultures understanding of the Crucifixion down through the ages.

These Crismon Christmas tree ornaments are similar to the ones we use at Christmas, but these are felt or needlepoint. Ours are three- dimensional and hand-made.

Ceramic Bowl – Description available soon.

Christmas Nativity cheche at Christ Lutheran Church. Christmas season is the only time of year we use a wide variety to statues to teach about Jesus Christ and the Bible.

NOTE: Christ Lutheran Church also has several Needlework Tapestries and a large collection of Paraments and Banners. Please see our Needlework Tapestries page and our Banners Flags, and Paraments page to see these fabric-based works of art.