Our Pastors: Those who serve today

Pastor John Thompson, S.T.S. is our current pastor. Pastor John is a powerful preacher. He has served as our pastor since 2021. He leads our Divine Liturgy Service every Sunday at 10AM. He also teaches Bible Studies and Cathechism Classes and helps with Vacation Bible School weekends.

Pastor John Thompson, S.T.S. preaches at a variety of services, usually from the pulpit. In the top photo, Pastor John is installing the 2023 Church Council in January. The next two photos show Pastor John preaching from the pulpit on a Sunday in Lent, and blessing palms on Palms Sunday before our Palm Sunday Procession. In the bottom photos, he is preaching for Wednesday Lenten Services in 2023, Pastor John is interviewing a series of “witnesses” to the Crucifixion. In the bottom two photos, he is interviewing the Crown of Thorns, read by Dr. Donna Smith, Phd.

Bishop John F. Bradosky, Bishop Emeritus of the NALC (North American Lutheran Church) is a member of our congregation. Bishop Bradosky participated in the Lutheran Week 2023 Convocation in Oklahoma City in August 2023. Photos below are from the NALC September newsletter.

Christ Lutheran Church is also served by two deacons, one from the NALC and one who is an Anglican priest studying to become an NALC pastor. 

Deacon Donna Schoenbrun blessing the animals.


Rev. Sergio Gonzolez, III,    NALC seminary student



Our current Bishop, Dr. Daniel Selbo was re-elected for a second four year term at the Lutheran Week Convocation in August 2023, and will serve our entire North American Lutheran Church body for four years. He is a resident of California and a member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church in San Jose.