“For all the promises of God find their Yes in Christ Jesus.”
-2 Corinthians 1:20

Our Choirs:

Our Bell Choir, led by Cheryl Hughes, plays brass bells for festive occasions. Each bell ringer rings two bells on average, and each bell only makes one note. The bell ringers must count along to the music to make sure they play the right note at the right time. Sometimes more experienced bell ringers will be able to play more than two bells in the same piece of music, as shown here as Cheryl Hughes is playing three bells in this photo!

Christ Lutheran has a Vocal Choir for Christmas Eve, for Easter and sometimes for other festive occasions. This group does Special Music beyond what the congregation sings. One year we did the “Go Tell It On the Mountain!” Cantada for Christmas and in 2022 we sang “Oh Holy Night!” for Christmas Eve with a special guest vocalist. Years ago we wore choir robes but recently we just wear our holiday outfits. Dr. Donna Smith, who has been part of the choir since 2002, is our Director, and sometimes does Special Music solos for our congregation.

For several years at Christmas Eve, Christ Lutheran had a Children’s Choir that both sang and rang bells. This is a Children’s Choir rehearsal from 2012. The Children’s Choir was active until 2019. We hope to continue this in the future as our congregation continues to grow.